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Appx. Dimensions: 10.7cm

Oil Lamp

SKU: 0013

Oil lamps have been used in Cyprus for thousands of years, both for lighting and spiritual rituals. Our contemporary version of the ‘lampada’ is skillfully handmade on the wheel and is inspired by the smooth sea pebbles of Cyprus. 


The subtle shapes and gentle flame create an atmosphere in any space. Works with pure paraffin oil and is both odourless and smokeless. You can also add your own essential oils. 


  • Made of durable stoneware and glazed with our signature glazes in colours inspired by the landscapes and seascapes of Cyprus. 


Smokeless cotton wick provided.


Due to this item being handcrafted and the unique nature of the glaze and the way it reacts to high temperatures in the kiln, colour variations may occur.

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